Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cleaning up the Artspace

A few years ago, the partner and I decided to renovate our office. This room, just off the kitchen, has two closets. Since we turned the smallest bedroom into a dressing room, we really didn't need the closet space. I was granted permission to turn the 6 foot closet into my art space. Prior to this time, all my creative supplies lived in what we affectionately termed "the martha closet" and everything had to be hauled out and then put away. Needless to say, I didn't art much in those days.

I built a desk and shelving and lit the space and had a wonderful space. Then, we found a great old oak school desk at a yard sale and we put that next to my artspace for added creative potential. Well, I've been creating so much and never stop to clean up before starting a new project, that the whole corner has turned into a disaster area.

As you can see, it was high time to clean up. So, to get me started, I went to the garage and made this shelving unit to hold my mounted stamps.

I'm hoping it will help me see the stamps and use them more. I still haven't figured out a good way to store unmounteds. I have some mounted on foam self stick in notebooks by company but I have many many more in plastic bags, some indexed, some not. In any case, my job for this eveing and tomorrow is to get the space clean, organized, labeled and then get started on an altered canvas for a swap that is due too soon.

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