Thursday, May 8, 2008

The reason I'm not doing art right now

I am in the middle of a major house remodel. We have finished updating the kitchen, the utility room, replacing the front door, and now are in the middle of the bathroom remodel. Remember, this is a one bathroom wasn't pretty for a few days.
This is the utility room, before.

And this is what it looks like after, or at least the floor.

This is the best image I can find of the old kitchen...please excuse the fact I'm in it!

We replaced all the appliances. We painted all the cabinets and replaced the hardware. We replaced the four different countertops (1950s yellow boomerang laminate, butcher block, blue laminate, and cobalt tile) with large 24x24 granite tiles to minimize grout lines. And finally, we painted the whole thing a warmer, more buttery yellow. I love it and am really proud of what we accomplished on very little money. I think we managed to update the kitchen, modernize it, without overdoing it and keeping within the style and period of the house.

And the kitchen after:

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