Friday, August 10, 2007

Absentee blogger

I haven't posted in a long while. It's been busy around here. The end of July saw us in Yellowstone/Grand Teton on vacation. How wonderful was that!!! What a truly amazing spot. Grand Teton embodied the harsh, stunning beauty of the Rocky Mountains. We mostly hiked and did some wild life viewing. Our first morning in the park, we watch a park helicopter round up elk to tag them with radio collars. We also took a float trip down the Snake River. We saw lots of eagles including a nesting pair and their mother.

We also saw deer and coyotes.

I will continue to post more pictures as I get some time. I've also been doing some creating of a different sort. I've been a sewing fiend over the past week. Created a Native American dress, duvet cover, pillows, and even a stuffed animal. I'll take pictures and post when I get a chance.

I call him Goober.

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Birdie & Bear said...

These pictures are amazing. I'm very, very jealous. I like the elks most. Thanks for sharing them.